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    High cost performance Products through the elaborate design and validation engineer
    Good quality Our company has been taking scientific and technological innovation as a key to become a large enterprise.
    Systematic service Our company has been committed to the field of network film with its technical solutions.
    Good reputation By virtue of its good reputation, high quality and low price products
    About Us
    Anping Chiyewire mesh co.,Ltd we have 100 sets of production testing equipment, it is one of the local large-scale production and sales enterprises. It mainly produces stainless steel wire mesh, mat mesh, wide stainless steel mesh, mine screen mesh, ferrochrome aluminum mesh, nickel mesh, vapor-liquid filter mesh, flat wire mesh, composite mesh, square mesh, crimped mesh, conveyor belt, petroleum shaking screen , gabion wire mesh, climbing net, used in petroleum, chemical, automobile, mining and other industries, and through ISO90. 01 international quality certification.
    Anping Chiyewire mesh co.,Ltd
    Mobile:86 13363334405
    Add:102 Nanhulin Village, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
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