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    Crimped mesh

    Crimped mesh
    Crimped mesh
    Classification:Stainless steel wire mesh
    Date of Issue:2021-11-26

    Name: Crimped mesh

    Material: stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, copper wire

    Type of weaving: Crimped before weave, double-direction separate, ripples flections, tight lock flections, flattop flections, double-direction flections, list-direction separate ripples flections.

    Characteristics: The structure is hard, enduring, graceful, the mesh of mesh is even, it has the characteristics of corrosion-resisting and tructfy enduring.

    Usage: Used for screen in mine, coal factory, industry, architecture, filter a sand grain, filter the liquid and air, also can be used in the security in machiney fittings.

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    Anping Chiyewire mesh co.,Ltd
    Mobile:86 13363334405
    Add:102 Nanhulin Village, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
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